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Complimented with mint yoghurt dip.
Papadom£0.70Add +
Chutney£0.70Add +
Chicken Tikka (Starter)£3.75Add +Succulent pieces of Chicken marinated with fresh aromatic spices and cooked in a clay tandoori oven
Prawn Cocktail£2.95Add +
Tandoori Chicken (1 pc)£3.75Add +Quarter spring Chicken marinated and cooked in a tandoor.
Kebab (2 pcs)£3.45Add +Traditional skewers of minced Lamb flavored with fresh herbs and spices
Chicken Chaat Puree£3.95Add +Medium spices Chicken wrapped in a lightly fried puree bread
Mixed Tikka Platter£4.95Add +Assorted Chicken/Lamb Tikka pieces with Sheekh Kebab
King Prawn Puree£5.25Add +Lightly spiced King Prawns served in a deep fried crispy puree bread
Samosa (3 pcs)£3.25Add +Triangular deep fried patties filled with vegetables or lamb mince
Onion Bhajee (3 pcs)£2.95Add +Deep fried onions & herbs coated in gram flour batter and deep fried
Vegetable Puree£3.25Add +Lightly spiced dry vegetables wrapped in a puree bread
Duck Tikka£4.75Add +Succulent pieces of Boneless duck marinated in spices & herbs, cooked in a tandoor
Paneer Tikka£3.95Add +Indian home made cheese marinated with herbs & spices and cooked in a clay oven
Tandoori Chingri£4.95Add +King Prawns marinated, delicately flavored with yoghurt and massala sauce & cooked in a clay oven
Pankash Pakora£4.25Add +Bengali fish delicately spiced & lightly flavored, dipped in home made butter & fried until golden brown
Prawn Puree£4.25Add +
Chicken Pakora£3.95Add +
Lamb Tikka(Starter)£3.95Add +Succulent pieces of Lamb marinated with fresh aromatic spices and cooked in a clay tandoori oven
Tandoori Sizzlers
Complimented with mint sauce& fresh salad.
Chicken Tikka£6.75Add +
Tandoori Chicken£6.75Add +(Half 2pcs) A traditional style char-grilled marinated chicken
Paprika Mixed Platter£10.95Add +Assortment of Tandoori Mix Grill’s marinated in traditional spices
Salmon Tikka£8.95Add +Tender pieces of Salmon cooked in a clay oven marinated in home made spices
Chingri Special£9.95Add +King Prawns cooked in a clay oven and pan fried with onions & peppers with a hint of lemon juice
Shashlick Masala£9.25Add +Tikka Chicken or Lamb cooked in a tandoor with onions and peppers a dry dish topped with Masala sauce
Tandoori Lamb Chops£9.45Add +Tender pieces of Lamb Chops marinated in fresh traditional spices with added yoghurt & herbs and grilled in the tandoor
Chicken Shashlick£7.95Add +
Poneer Shashlick (new)£7.95Add +
Lamb Tikka£6.95Add +
Biryani Dishes
Your choice of Meat blended with a combination of herbs and spices mixed with Basmati rice. Served with a side dish of Vegetable Curry Sauce.
Biryani Tikka£8.45Add +
Biryani£5.95Add +
Fusion Biryani£10.45Add +A special dish mixed with pieces of lamb, chicken, prawn & mushroom
Chef's Signature Dishes
Shorsha Chingri£11.95Add +King Prawns marinated and cooked in a clay oven with Mustard & herb sauce (Med)
Machli Ka Buna£9.45Add +Spiced salmon lightly fried in garlic, cooked in ground spices fresh herbs & onions. Served in a medium dry sauce
Paneer Wala£8.75Add +Tikka Meat cooked in a Bhuna style dish with added herbs and spices topped with cheddar cheese (Med)
Modu Kash Murgh£8.45Add +Tikka Chicken cooked in a Creamy sauce topped with broken cashew nuts and honey (Mild)
Hariyali£7.95Add +Tikka Meat prepared in a mild Almond sauce with mint
Jhall Gosht£9.95Add +Hot Spicy Lamb chops marinated and cooked in a oven with onions and peppers blended with saucy mince meat
Shatkora£8.45Add +Tender pieces of Chicken infused in a tangy flavorsome bengali lime, medium spiced served in a moist sauce
Naga Special£8.45Add +Slices of Chicken/Lamb Tikka cooked in a hot and spicy naga pickled sauce, garnished with fresh coriander
Chingri Ka Bahaar£11.95Add +King Prawns cooked in very mild chef’s special bahaar sauce with added sweet mango chutney and cream, garnished with mango slices
Bakara£9.45Add +Duck pre-marinated and grilled in a tandoor then added to a medium to hot,Tangy sauce consisting of Methi and Tamarin
Railway Lamb (new)£8.95Add +Lamb on the bone with baby potatoes cooked with curry leaves and fresh herbs,served with spinach.An anglo-indian speciality,developed when the British were laying railway tracks in india.
Dum Gost (new)£8.75Add +Lamb off the bone,cooked over slow fire with yoghurt sun dried red chillies,rich spices and fresh herbs.
Murgh Bemisal (new)£8.75Add +A unique dish of smooth spicy chicken tikka or king prawn where the smoothness of the buttery tomato sauce is followed by the spicy flavour of brown onion.A smooth silky dish bursting with aroma.
Dhaba Murgh (new)£8.75Add +An exquisite dish from the Punjab,chicken braised in a spicy masala of garlic,ginger,onions,tomatoes & capsicum with a light coating of crushed coriander.
Kalimirch Aur Methiwalla (new)£8.50Add +Succulent chicken or king prawn grilled in the tandoor and then braised in a peppery fenugreek masala.
Koh E Avadh (new)£8.75Add +Mogul cuisine.Speciality of cubed lamb in a velvety ginger garlic,laced brown onion gravy fragranced with mace,green cardamon and kewda water.Rich in taste and rich in tradition.
Traditional Main Courses
All dishes below are available as
Korma£6.25Add +Pieces of meat seared and slow cooked in smooth creamy gravy flavoured with cardamoms
Curry£6.25Add +Medium/hot/very hot Classic Indian dish cooked in spicy gravy
Dupiaza£6.25Add +Medium spice cooked with chopped onions with coriander and fresh tomato
Rogan Josh£6.25Add +Rogan Josh gets its name from the rich red appearance, which is garnished with fresh tomatoes and paprika
Bhuna£6.25Add +Medium dry dish infused with onions and tomato
Saag£6.25Add +Garlic flavoured spinach curry spiked with fenugreek
Kashmir£6.25Add +Aromatic almond and coconut mild creamy sauce cooked with a selection of fresh fruit
Dhansak£6.25Add +Persian dish cooked in a hot sweet and sour sauce with yellow lentils
Old Favourites
All dishes below are available as
Tikka Massala£7.75Add +Pieces of Chicken/Lamb delicately flavored in a rich creamy mild massala sauce
Jalfrezi£7.75Add +Spicy hot dish prepared and garnished with fresh onions, peppers, tomatoes and fresh green chilies
Butter£7.75Add +Sliced Tikka pieces off the bone, cooked in a rich mild buttery sauce
Korai£7.75Add +Spring Tikka Chicken/Lamb cooked with fresh onions, peppers & herbs served in a hot korai dish
Achari Lime£7.75Add +Chicken/Lamb cooked in a rich spicy lime pickle & herb sauce fairly dry medium to hot
Garlic Chilli Massala£7.75Add +South Indian dish Chicken/Lamb cooked with fresh garlic, chilli sauce
Balti£7.75Add +Well known dish from the Midlands medium to hot cooked with aubergine’s , peeled tomatoes, fresh herbs with a hint of chef’s own special blend of spices. Exciting taste and aromatic flavours.
Passanda£7.75Add +A smooth mild creamy dish with added pistachio nuts
Bhindi Bhajee£3.50Add +Okra cooked with onions and spices
Channa Massala£3.50Add +Chick Peas cooked with fresh ginger & spices
Bombay Aloo£3.50Add +Potatoes cooked with fresh spices & herbs
Mushroom Bhajee£3.50Add +Fresh Mushrooms cooked with special herbs and spices
Tarka Dhal£3.50Add +Lentils cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Broccoli Bhajee£3.50Add +Fresh Broccoli stir fried with tomatoes, onions & mixed with fresh herbs
Palak Paneer£3.50Add +Indian cottage cheese cooked with spinach and fresh herbs
Saag Aloo£3.50Add +Spinach with potatoes cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Aloo Gobi£3.50Add +Cauliflower and potatoes pan fried in special spices and herbs
Garlic Mushroom£3.50Add +Fresh herbs and spices & tempered with garlic
Mixed Vegetable Bhajee£3.50Add +Dry assorted vegetables cooked with moist sauce
Steamed Basmati Rice£2.50Add +
Basmati Pilau Rice£2.75Add +
Lemon Rice£3.25Add +Fresh lemon flavoured rice south Indian style
Mushroom Rice£3.25Add +Fresh mushroom cooked with basmati rice
Special Fried Rice£3.25Add +Rice cooked with egg & peas lightly spiced
Coconut Rice£3.25Add +Coconut flavoured pilau rice
Vegetable Rice£3.25Add +Mixed vegetables lightly spiced, cooked with basmati rice
Keema Rice£3.50Add +Lightly spiced lamb mince fried with rice
Naan Bread£2.50Add +Plain bread
Keema Naan£2.95Add +Bread stuffed with spiced lamb mince
Garlic Naan£2.95Add +Bread layered with fresh garlic paste
Peshwari Naan£2.95Add +Pistachio, coconut and raisins filled in a naan bread
Cheese Naan£2.95Add +Mild Cheddar cheese garnished with fresh coriander
Roti£2.50Add +Crispy bread made in the tandoor
Chapatti£1.50Add +Flat soft bread of northern india
Paratha£2.50Add +Crispy layered bread fried lightly in butter
Chips£1.95Add +
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